Experience 24/7 Booked Appointments On Autopilot with Advanced AI

Our AI Virtual Receptionist will...

  • Book Appointments for you on autopilot 24/7

  • Follow up with leads instantly without you lifting a finger

  • Cover every communication channel so NO lead slips through the cracks

  • Increase Booking Rate, Show Rate, and Close Rate with Conversational Booking

  • Provide your clients with a Customer Service Rep or Technical Support Specialist that's ALWAYS AVAILABLE

  • Manage Multiple Leads at the Same Time

Prepare to be amazed by seamless automation that revolutionizes your booking process...

How It Works

Appointment Booking Process

  1. Lead Generation: We enhance your current lead generation methods, or, if needed, we’ll develop an AI-Powered Marketing Campaign for you, utilizing paid ads and social media posts.

  2. Lead Capture: Our AI Virtual Receptionist captures leads coming from Facebook Lead Forms, Facebook & Instagram Messengers., Google My Business chat, website chat widgets, text messages, and even phone calls! Every communication channel is covered so no lead will slip through the cracks.

  3. Immediate Engagement: Before leads lose interest, they are instantly engaged and followed up with by our AI Virtual Receptionist. This receptionist is available 24/7, expertly trained in your industry and your specific business.

  4. Autopilot Booking: Our AI Virtual Receptionist books leads directly into your calendar, completely on autopilot, so you don't have to worry about a thing.

Appointment-Booking Conversation

Enjoy the Difference

Your services deserve to be well known, respected, and successful. We help you get there with pre-built automated marketing systems that get your leads booking appointments ... on autopilot!

Your turn. Try it out!

Instant Demo Instructions

Imagine it's late at night, most businesses are closed, and you're looking to treat yourself on your next day off. You've clicked on an ad and landed on a spa's website and have some questions about their services.

You notice the options to interact 24/7 – call, text, use the Chat Widget, Social Media Messengers, or even Google My Business Chat.

Here's what to do to activate the Demo:

  1. Call the Number: Dial 877-813-7885. Let it ring to hear the greeting, then hang up. (Click here to dial)
    - The AI Virtual Receptionist will text you, initiating a conversation.

  2. Be a Prospective Customer: Engage with the AI as if you're genuinely interested. Ask any questions you have, such as:
    - "Which services do you offer?"
    - "What kind of massage is best for reducing stress?"
    - "Do I need a consultation before booking laser skin treatments?"

  3. Observe the Booking Process: After answering your queries, watch as the AI system seamlessly attempts to book an appointment for this demo spa – all by itself!

  4. Alternative Contact Methods: Feel free to text the number with your queries, or use the chat widget at the bottom right corner of this page to start the conversation.

Enjoy the experience!

Please Note: This AI Virtual Receptionist in the demo isn’t fully trained, so it might provide some inaccurate responses. This demo is to show its human-like conversational ability and seamless appointment booking capabilities for your business. Rest assured, your personalized AI Virtual Receptionist will be meticulously trained to respond accurately to your prospects.


Need to book an appointment or have questions about our spa services?

At Zen Lotus Spa, we're available to answer your questions and book your appointments 24/7 !

You can also reach out to us 24/7 via our Chat Widget, Facebook & Instagram Messengers, and Google My Business Chat.


Wellness For Your Services

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Sales and Marketing with Our AI-Powered Trio

Experience the synergy of AI Lead Generation, AI Lead Conversion, and AI Lead Nurturing.

Transform your approach to customer engagement, lead acquisition, and conversion with AI:

1) AI Lead Conversion

An AI Virtual Receptionist that seamlessly captures and interacts with every lead across all communication channels.

Automates customer engagement and appointment scheduling.

Delivers 24/7 support, enhancing customer experience with personalized responses.

2) AI Lead Generation

Leverages AI algorithms for precisely targeted ad campaigns.

Draws in high-quality leads who are genuinely interested in your offerings.

Efficiently utilizes your ad budget for the best possible returns.

3) AI Lead Nurturing

Keeps leads engaged with customized, relevant content.

Maintains warm leads with automated, strategic follow-ups.

Boosts conversion rates through consistent and smart communication.

The Combined Power of AI Lead Services

When integrated, our AI services revolutionize your sales and marketing:

– AI Lead Conversion: Your AI Virtual Receptionist is a powerhouse at converting interactions into bookings.

– AI Lead Generation: We fill your funnel with quality leads, primed for conversion.

– AI Lead Nurturing: We ensure leads stay engaged until they're ready to commit, gently guiding them to booking.

The result? A seamless, efficient sales process from first contact to final booking. More appointments, happier clients, and a business that thrives.

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